About us

The company is headquartered in Sialkot, the manufacturing hub of Pakistan. A region where the production of top quality footwear is carried out on a large scale and supplied to various parts of the world. Zeta X Boots, the supplier for ZX BOOTS, in the shortest of times, has established itself as one of the most progressive manufacturers in the Motorcycle Boot Industry. Zeta X Boots uses the most advanced technological machinery to manufacture boots in order to incorporate new innovations and meeting customer requirements. 
Zeta X Boots has been working closely with local, international motorcycle boot consumers and various teams around the world to ensure that the entire production process, from sourcing raw materials and components to other aspects of production such as finishing, is of the top most quality. From this close scrutiny, attention and hard work for every detail, Zeta X artisans extract the best from the expert suppliers in the region so as to guarantee the exclusive comfort and fit of its finished products. 

The Goal of Zeta X Boots is to work towards international performance standards, the company has consistently demonstrated high levels of expertise in research and development as well as in the testing and practical usage of its Boots.